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Meet Somtoochuwu

My name is Somtoochukwu Ik-Ejiofor and
I am running to be a Texas State House of Representative for district 147. I have tremendous respect for public servants and to this effect, I have spent nearly a decade in and around the Texas Legislature. I will bring my tenacity, intellect, and innovative ideas to the Texas Legislature. I am very proud of my many academic achievements. I was able to graduate with three degrees in six years all while going to school fulltime and working two jobs to make ends meet. I attended University of Houston and where I earned two B.Sc degrees in Economics and Political Science. I also attended the LBJ School of Public Affairs at the University of Texas at Austin  where I earned my Masters degree in Public Affairs.

Somtoo knows the need for quality education
and voting rights preservation

Religious Background

Somtoo is a staunch catholic. She volunteers at many church events; she has also volunteered for many years at the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston. She has been there at every turn for Texans at their time of need either via volunteering or working at all levels of government and across the aisle to ensure good policies are passed at the Texas Legislature.


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Somtoo’s Hobbies 

Include listening to energy talks about a livable sustainable future with a cleaner energy system and a stable Texas Grid. She also enjoys pop culture and event planning. You have not lived untill you have attended a SOM event! 

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For over eight years, Somtoo has served Texans at various levels of government.
She decided to take these experiences to the Texas state Legislature  


Somtoo knows the value of education and how it can make a difference in our lives. Somtoo has spent the past months working undercover at a charter school to understand the education system and know what changes need to be made to improve the quality of education for all Texas children. 


Voting is vital to a healthy democracy. As the Texas Legislature in 2021 pandered and pontificated about the big lie, redrew the map to disenfranchise people of color, Somtoo watched and advocated the best way she could. The tipping point was when Briscoe Cain decided he wanted to “purify the ballot box”1

Somtoo’s solutions to disenfranchisement

  • Increase access to voting:
    • Same day voter’s registration
    • Universal online voter registration
    • Increase the number of polling locations via community centers, local school gyms and churches
    • Increase the amount of ballot drop off boxes
  • Introduce strong penalties for poll watchers who seek to intimidate and disenfranchise voters
  • Allow 24 hour voting and curbside voting for easy access

Selfie with Mrs C as she signs me a book

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‘Purity of the ballot box,’ an echo of Jim Crow, stricken from Texas voting bill

A Texas bill drew ire for saying it would preserve ‘purity of the ballot box.’ Here’s the phrase’s history.

Exchange Over ‘Purity’ of Vote Puts Texas G.O.P. Firebrand
in Spotlight

That was a clear discriminatory act and anyone who wants to prevent Voters (especially Voters of color) should not be allowed to be elected officials. I am running in the 147 district to ensure such nonsense and racist bigotry never happens again. 


A man moves debris from his flooded home into Homewood Lane near Tidwell Road where trash removal is beginning Wednesday, Sept. 6, 2017 in Houston. ( Michael Ciaglo / Houston Chronicle)

During Hurricane Harvey, for weeks, Somtoo spent day and night helping Texans rebuild their lives, volunteering at Church, giving back to Houstonians, helping families clear out the flooring that was water damaged. During the February 2021 winter storm, Somtoo watched the city come together and provide for each other. She was part of those affected by the storm. Given that she grew up in Lagos, Nigeria, Winter and snow are very foreign to her, she could not bare to see her fellow Texans in so much pain and anguish because of the lack of electricity to heat their homes. Somtoo spent time calling the White house, the Department of Energy and all relevant agencies to finds ways to help.  


“Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) system operators work inside a massive control room May 15, 2018, in Taylor, Texas, updating electric use every five minutes.”

Somtoo grew up in Nigeria, she has experienced unstable power supply and the debilitating effects it has on the state economy and the country at large. The Texas grid is not up to par and it affects district 147. Every time it rains, businesses are affected due to lack of electricity. Things and life halts. If Somtoo becomes the Texas Representative for district 147, she will fight to ensure that the Texas Grid is winterized and strong to withstand any weather disaster. After all, she did live without electricity in the third world, she is not about to live in the United States with the same problem.  

Somtoo’s Solutions to the grid problem:

  • Winterize the grid
    • Impose high penalties for retailers who do not comply
  • Provide incentives for homeowners and businesses who use solar panels and or microgrids
  • Introduce a Carbon Tax
  • VPPs: Virtual Power Plants
  • Reform ERCOT, PUCs and the Railroad commission

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